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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Don’t let your mood get spoiled due to a badly maintained pool in your premises. Maintaining your swimming pool has now become easier with HomePro. With the service from the swimming pool maintenance experts in Home Pro, maintaining your pool is no more complicated like before.

We undertake the following pool maintenance services in Dubai :
  • Test the pool water for the chlorine and alkaline residuals during each visit and treat as necessary with the required chemicals
  • Maintain the filter room or mechanical pit in a clean condition
  • Skim the water surface to remove floating matter each visit
  • Remove and clean the pump strainer as needed. Vacuum the pool as require
  • Clean skimmer basket
  • Maintain a written record of the service visit
  • Check visually to ensure that the equipment is operating satisfactorily and inform the owner/company about any repair, replacement that needs to be carried out
  • Adding Chlorine and PH

We are committed to providing our customers with a full range of professional services for swimming pools. Our experienced team can assist with seasonal pool openings and closures, as well as weekly pool maintenance and cleaning services. Our weekly swimming pool visits include on-site water testing, chemical treatments, vacuuming and general pool cleaning services.

Be always ready to take a splash onto your pool, have your pre-checks and repairs done before it gets too cumbersome. Contact us today!